Take High-Quality Photos Of Object From Miles Away... As If You Were Standing Next To Them !

This new portable telescope lets you see everything from miles away with impressive clarity.

BY Peter Barrett – 5 MIN READ
StarScope is at the cutting edge of miniature optical technology. It can be used for sightseeing and capturing beautiful adventurous moments no matter the distance, thanks to its 10X magnification that makes you see objects far away as if they were close.

Simply put, this telescope for smartphones is capable of reaching a maximum magnification of 10 times with a clarity never seen before. The result is truly amazing !

Usually, a telescope with such impressive zooming capabilities is extremely sensitive and difficult to control, but StarScope comes with a miniature tripod specifically made to ensure image stabilization and a better final rendering.

Technical Facts About Starscope

Let's draw a quick list of all the features this unique telescope boasts:
Objective diameter 50mm - Field of view 114/1100m

Exit pupil diameter 3mm - This means the eyepiece fits any size and shape of eyes perfectly

Magnification 10x - Such magnification is found in military-grade binoculars

HD Glass, fully multi-coated (FMC) lenses - These FMC lenses can transmit more light than single coated lenses, and the object is more distinct

Crystal prism lens BAK4 - Highest quality material that is commonly used on $1000+ binoculars

Durable - Advanced, strong polymer material is used as the outer body

Streamlined design, anti-skid frosted sure-grip - Very easy to hold and carry around

Waterproof and fog-proof lens - Nature is not always kind, but Starscope was built to be used in the wild, no matter the conditions

Lightweight - Starscope can be conveyed everywhere and anywhere because it is light and not bulky. It has a weight of just 11.25 oz

You can easily observe people or objects up to 6 miles away !

What can Starscope do ? Let's put it to the test !

Can you imagine the pictures you could take with your smartphone using a telescope capable of seeing things you don't even notice with your eyes ? If you still can't, have a look at the pictures below:

Distance: about 220 yards
Target: bird

This picture is my favorite ! In my opinion, it really shows what StarScope can do. The bird is barely noticeable to the naked eye, and yet as we zoom on it with the telescope, it becomes very clear. All that is left to do is take a picture !

Distance: about 500 yards
Target: car

On the left, we can see that the object we're looking at is a car, and that it's white, but that's about it ! With StarScope, you can see the fence, the car in more details, and even a green bin behind it ! Nothing interesting enough to take a picture that's for sure, but it shows once again what is possible with Starscope.
Distance: 640 meters (about 700 yards)
Target: building

700 yards... it's getting serious ! But if we use the maximum magnification StarScope is capable of, the result is very impressive. The naked eye can see some kind of building far away, but the telescope shows it with so much more detail, as if you were standing in front of it !

“ Friends and family will be impressed by the quality of your shots and wonder how you could get so close ! ”

StarScope: Final Thoughts

Let's get straight to the point: StarScope is undoubtedly the best value telescope for smartphone available right now on the market.

StarScope is a multi-use product. It can be fitted with your smartphone and can click sharp and clear pictures, even better than your DSLR. Just clip it to your phone camera and you are ready to observe closely scenery, wildlife, or sporting events.

It can also be used as a Monocular and you can do birdwatching, watch animals or even your favorite sporting event while in a stadium. If you are on a photography or wildlife trip or a trek, there is no need to carry a bulky telescopic device or huge binoculars. Starscope gives you high-quality magnification.

Here’s What Other Starscope Users Think!

Faith Q. — Chicago, IL
« Totally recommend the Starscope for any wildlife enthusiast or world traveler. Took this photo with the Starscope lens and won 1st place in the 10th Annual PX3 Competition. #FirstPlace #prophotography #prophotography4life »
Harold M. — Bellingham, WA
« Just got this sick telescope attachment a few weeks ago and I can’t get enough of it! Looking at the moon through my phone will never be the same again.#moonsurfer #moonpics »
Raymond H. — Ashland, OR
« My Instagram followers love my new addiction to Starscope. This epic lens transformed my phone to a professional telescope instantly! #zoomaddict #AmberJordanBlogger »

Frequently Asked Questions

Which smartphones are compatible with StarScope ?

In fact, pretty much all the smartphones with a camera will be compatible, as the phone holder for StarScope is 100% adjustable!

Is the StarScope telescope waterproof and of good build quality?

Here again, there is something to reassure users: StarScope is completely waterproof, dustproof and shockproof ! Optical lenses are waterproof and O-rings keep moisture out. They are multicoated just like the most expensive ones on the market to give you super-clear images. The telescope shell itself is made of real, high-quality optical GLASS. Pure quality !

Is the StarScope telescope easily transportable ?

The advantage of a miniature telescope is indeed to be able to transport it everywhere. StarScope weighs around 320 grams (11.25 oz), which makes it really easy to carry it along with you in your jacket or backpack !

Where can-I buy StarScope ?

You can get your Starscope telescope directly from the official website.
It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like what you receive. It's unlikely to happen, but at least you know there is NO risk !
Another good news is that the StarScope telescope comes with a 50% discount for a limited time ! Now is the time to get it before it sells out.

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